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Madison County Suspicious Activity Report

Madison County Sheriff Office has instituted a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) system which is designed to allow the public to relay what they see while staying anonymous. This is different from the crime stoppers progam as this program does not require a violation of a criminal statute. examples of suspicious activity include but are not limited to: Increased activity at a residence, suspicious/chemical odors, excess purchases of fertalizer, purchase of items needed to manufacture methamphetamine, unemployed individuals with unexplained large sums of cash, anything out of the ordinary.

It thereby allows the person to provide a SAR report to assist authorities without being directly involved in the investigation process.

The authorities, especially the police, cannot solve all crimes on their own. Forensic science and investigative skills are vital, along with information from the public. SAR Reporting recognizes that someone other than criminals may have information about crime, and was developed to combat the public's fear of reprisals, public apathy, and a reluctance to get involved.