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2 August 2021 Updated the Wants and Warrants page.
28 October 2020 Updated the Wants and Warrants page.
3 October 2020 Updated the Wants and Warrants page.
5 August 2020 Updated the Wants and Warrants page.
5 August 2020 Information was added to the Internet Safety Page on the current Unemployment Compensation fraud and the resources available.
4 July 2020 Just updated the Wants and Warrants page we are now displaying all active warrants within our system. Additionally we have updated several other items, mostly in the background which should speed up the website, if you notice a problem with the site please let me me know.
22 June 2020, Sheriff John Phillips was added to the officer memorial page, as he was the first Madison County law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty.
1 June 2020, Deputy Monica Blair, Deputy Chuck Melton, and Deputy Aaron Smith were promoted to Deputy First Class (Photo)
30 May 2020, Ten Most Wanted page updated.
27 May 2020 Sorry for the website not being updated we had tchnical dificulties that have now been cleared up, we have updated the Reserve Deputies page, Wants and Warrants page, and other smaller corrections/fixes and will be continuing to work on it.
1 September 2019, The Madison County Sheriff's Office website has changed, under the "offender Info" tab and Inmate info page have changed in that we now have an APP (go to either the Apple or Google store and search for "RPS-Inmate Info" to download the APP, once downloaded start the APP and select Madison County) to follow the arrests made in Madison County, but if you would rather follow on your computer there is still a web site that you can go to, the link is on the detainee information page.
15 June 2019, Ten Most Wanted Page Updated
26 January 2019, Ten Most Wanted Page Updated
14 January 2019, Warrants page updated.
8 January 2019, A search warrant that was executed in Saint Paul on Maple Street, which led to the arrest of two individuals from the residence on charges of possession of methamphetamine with purpose to deliver greater that 2 grams but less than 10, possession of drug paraphernalia, Possession of Schedule I/II drugs, Forgery, possession of Schedule VI with purpose of delivery, Simultaneous possession of drugs and Firearms, and possession of controlled substance within 1000 feet of a school.
3 September 2018, Warrants page updated.
10 April 2018, On 13 April 2018 Diane Hawkins retires from the Sheriff Office, She has been an integral part of the Madison County Sheriff Office. Diane started working at the office on 12 April 0f 2010, she has been an asset to this office and will be missed. Our Thanks Diane for all that you have done for us, this office, and the community.
1 September 2017, After an investigation conducted by Sergeant Sloan and Corporal Cornelison Kasey Henderson was Arrested on multiple theft charges, solving three cases for the Huntsville Police Department, one case for the Rogers Police Department, and four cases for the Madison County Sheriff Office, including one that had not been reported. Henderson will be facing several counts of theft of property, a felony breaking and entering charge as well as several criminal Trespass violations. Most of the property has been identified pawned at businesses in Washington County. The owners of the property have been notified in order to recover their property.
28 August 2017, Last week based on information of drug activity, received by the Madison County Sheriff Office a search warrant was obtained for a residence in the Northern part of the county and a team organized by Corporal Cornelison and other members of the Sheriff Office executed the search warrant. During the search a hidden vault which was concealed under the floor made from a pickup truck tool box was discovered inside the vault an inactive methamphetamine lab marijuana, drug paraphernalia for the distribution of marijuana, a device that is used to manufacture hash oil, and several firearms were discovered, additionally Methamphetamine, and paraphernalia associated with methamphetamine were discovered. Freshly harvested marijuana was also found along with firearms next to the marijuana. This incident resulted in the arrest of three people, Nicholas Hamrick, John Brody Reed, and Linda Brown and a warrant is forthcoming on a fourth suspect. Investigation Continues into the sources of the narcotics.
26 August 2017, Several thefts were reported and area between City Dump Road and Hindsville, AR an investigation into these thefts by Corporal Cornelison assisted by other members of the Sheriff Office lead to the execution of a search warrant were several items that were believed to be stolen were recovered and items which linked the suspect to another burglary. The suspect Nicki Shrum was identified and arrested, and confessed to one of the burglaries. However Information was obtained and an individual was identified, this identification lead to the recovery of several stolen firearms. Investigation Continues on the other thefts but it is believed that the individual responsible has been arrested.
26 August 2017, On 20 July 2017 a burglary occurred in the Kingston Area with a theft of property which exceeded $25,000.00 in value. Deputy Clint Ham responded and took the initial report and followed up with the investigation with the assistance of Corporal Cornelison. The investigation lead to Carroll County, Berryville and to Eureka which resulted in the arrest of Mihalis Paragioudakis and the identification of his accomplice who is pending a warrant for her arrest. Recovery of approximately $20,000.00 in stolen property recovered. Investigation continues into recovering the remainder of the property.
25 August 2017, The Madison County Sheriff Office has an open position for a full time Deputy, and will be accepting applications immediately to fill the position, preference will go to certified officers but all applicants will be considered. Additionally there are open positions for Reserve Deputies, for those individuals interested in assisting the community and the Sheriff Office as a volunteer. Anyone interested in either position may obtain an application online from this webpage, under Personnel and Employment application or stop by the Sheriff Office to pick one up, fill out the application completely, indicate the position you are applying for and bring it to the Sheriff Office, all applications are due by 7 September 2017.
24 June 2017, Clint Ham, is our new K-9 Handler, he has been partnered up with Kandy, and equipped with a new vehicle which has been paid for with 100% drug forfeiture funds, the vehicle is equipped with all the latest equipment, including heat sensor/alarms which will signal the handler if the temperature in the vehicle rises to a dangerous level, in addition it will roll the windows down, and will activated lights and siren if the condition is not corrected. Kandy from all indication will be an outstanding asset to the Madison County Sheriff Office.
24 June 2017, Warrants List has been updated, however for the present time we will only be displaying Circuit Court Warrant(Felony Warrants).
1 January 2017, Sheriff Rick Evans take the oathe of office at 8:00 am and assumes the position as Sheriff of Madison County, AR. The website was redesigned and published today also.
23 December 2016, Reminder that the Madison County Sheriff Office has two perminent drop off sites for prescription medication, One in the Dispatch area in the court house and one in the Admin area in the Sheriff's Office. One way to prevent prescription drug abuse is to properly dispose of old or unused medications. That is why the Madison County Community Coalition is partnering with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, the Madison County Extension Agency and Walmart to provide a permanent location to drop off old or unused medicines and educate citizens about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. The Sheriff’s Office recently requested and received permission from the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency to be a host site for this type of collection service. This is one of only 8 disposal sites in the state of Arkansas. The drop-off box is located in the bottom of the Madison County Courthouse in the Dispatch Office, #1 Main Street, Huntsville, AR. Prescriptions can be dropped off twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. “This is a convenient way for citizens to dispose of expired or unused medicines wisely,” and the best way to dispose of medicines is to use a take-back program. Another way to prevent medicine abuse is to safeguard all medicines at home by monitoring and controlling access. The drop box has been operational since April 2011 and has collected several hundred pounds of prescription drugs.
16 July 2016, Although previously talked about several Facebook scams are still being reported, locally and across the nation as the perpetrators strike promising a sum of cash or vehicle as a rearward but and there is always a but, you just need to pay this lawyers’ fees, or the import tax, or the and the list goes on. They get away with it because of the anonymity of the internet, and part because most people once they realize they have been scammed are embarrassed and won't report it.  Teenage Blackmailing continues as several jurisdictions across the nation have reported Facebook schemes whereby a Facebook user, purporting to be teenage boy/girl, is befriending teenagers and convincing them to perform sexual acts on themselves via video call or "Skype". The suspect records the video and then attempts to extort money from the victim, threatening to send the video to all the victim's Facebook Friends, unless money is wired via Western Union. Once the suspect has a relationship with a target, he/she attempts to make contact with the target's Friends as well. The scam is similar to some of the "Nigerian" scams, but attempts to use the sexual exploitation of the child as leverage. A good rule to follow when sending images of yourself over either a phone or the internet, if the image depicts something that you would not do in public it probably should not be sent to anyone else. If you are or believe you are a victim of a scam contact the Madison County Sheriff Office.
14 July 2016, In the midst of the new craze, Pokemon Go, we feel it necessary to present a few precautions to keep people safe, in particular our youth, while playing the game. 1.) It is important for safety due to online predators, that parents keep track of where their kids are going to hunt pokemon/characters. Know their location and next destination! 2.) Please pay attention to your surroundings while playing the game. Be aware of where you are walking and who is around you. 3.) It would be best to have a friend with you while tracking Pokemon. There is strength in numbers and with today's internet dangers and online predators, we would like to promote tracking in groups or with a friend. 4.) Please be mindful of businesses and respectful of business owners while playing the game. Please do not block entrances and/or please do not block emergency vehicles. Again, this goes back to paying attention to your surroundings. 5.) Not that we ever thought we would have to say this in our lifetime, but please DON'T POKEMON AND DRIVE!Internet Safety Webpage.
23 May 2015, Thanks to an unknown person, who dropped off a photo of Jeremiah Turner Powell, Sheriff of Madison County from 1892 to 1896 another page has been added displaying the image. Anyone else who has photos of past sheriff please contact me.
2 December 2014, Warrants Database Updated.
2 January 2014, K-9 fund is growing slowly, at present the fund has $3,105.00 thanks to contributions from the citizens and business of Madison County.
14 October 2013, Photograph of Erton Womack added to back in the day photographs.womack was a city marshal and a Deputy during Crumley's and Leatham's administrations.
10 October 2013, The Sheriff's Office has determined the need for a K-9 unit and is soliciting donations to meet that goal. check out the web page for more details.
1 October 2013, Amy Bilyeu appointed as the new Jail Sergeant / Administrator.
26 September 2013, Warrants Database Updated.
8 August 2013, The Madison County Sheriff Office now has a mobile App to compliment the web site, go either to The Apple or Google App Store and download a copy(Search for "Mobilepatrol"), Best of All Its Free.
5 August 2013, Photos of the Law Enforcement Shoulder Patch collection on display at the Sheriff Office have been added to the Photo page of the website.
4 January 2013, New Level 4 Sex offender Robert Dale Ward registered in the county goto sex offender page for additional information
6 October 2012, Warrants Database Updated.
5 October 2012, New website launched for the Sheriff's Office, trying a new look, let me know what you think, if you have any ideas for the website let me know.
7 April 2012, Warrants Database updated.
15 February 2012, Several jurisdictions accross the nation have reported Facebook schemes whereby a Facebook user, purporting to be teenage boy/girl, is befriending teenages and convincing them to perform sexual acts on themselves via video call or "Skype". The suspect records the video and then attempts to extort money from the victim, threatening to send the video to all the victim's Facebook Friends, unless money is wired via Western Union. Once the suspect has a relationship with a target, he/she attempts to make contact with the target's Friends as well. The scam is similar to some of the "Nigerian" scams, but attempts to use the sexual exploitation of the child as leverage. A good rule to follow when sending images of yourself over either a phone or the internet, if the image depicts something that you would not do in public it probably should not be sent to anyone else. If you are or beleive you are a victim of a scam contact the Madison County Sheriff Office.
10 February 2012, Washington County has been hit by a string of burglaries believed to be committed by a team, one party drives a meat sales truck(pickup with a freezer in the back) and goes door to door checking for occupancy, if the residence are at home they go with a sales pitch for the meat, if not they mark the residence or notify the second party that the residence is vacant and they then burglarize the residence. If you should come in contact with these personnel please contact the Sheriff Office.
22 December 2011, Online Scammers Get Creative During the Holidays During the busy holiday shopping season, cyber crooks use a variety of aggressive and creative methodsto steal money and personal information from consumers. According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3®), frequent scams involve fake auctions, fraudulent gift card sales, phishing emails and the lure of big bargains on brand-name products. Fraudulent Classified Ads or Auction Sales Internet criminals post classified ads and auctions for products they do not have and make the scam work by using stolen credit cards. Fraudsters receive an order from a victim, charge the victim's credit card for the amount of the order, then use a separate, stolen credit card for the actual purchase. They pocket the purchase price obtained from the victim's credit card and have the merchant ship the item directly to the victim. Consequently, an item purchased from an online auction but received directly from the merchant is a strong indication of fraud. Gift Card Scam be careful when purchasing gift cards through auction sites or classified ads. It is safest to purchase gift cards directly from the merchant or retail store. If the gift card merchant discovers that your card is fraudulent, the merchant will deactivate the gift card and refuse to honor it for purchases. Victims of this scam lose the money paid for the gift card purchase. Phishing and Social Networking, be leery of e-mails or text messages indicating a problem or question regarding your financial accounts. In this scam, you are directed to follow a link or call the number provided to update your account or correct the problem. However, any personal information you provide, will be stolen. Another scam involves victims receiving an e-mail message directing them to a spoofed website (a fake site or copy of a real site designed to trick visitors into providing personal information). Shoppers increasingly use social networking sites and mobile phones to make purchases. Again, beware of e-mails, text messages or postings that may lead to fraudulent sites offering bargains on brand-name products. As always, if an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is.
21 December 2011, Photos of Sheriff Lester Keck added to the History pages.
14 September 2011, Leadsonline an organization that the Madison County Sheriff's Office has done Business for a number of years has launched a new program the "Citizens Property System" It allows residents of Madison County a system for maintaining secure records of property you own. You may store serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures, and scans of receipts so that your items may be more easily identified in the event of theft or loss. This record may also come in handy when reporting any loss to your insurance provider.
Please note, you will not see any LeadsOnline law enforcement functions, and LeadsOnline is not searching for any property that may have been lost or stolen. Use this as an inventory system to provide to law enforcement agencies and insurance providers in the event of loss.
To utilize the program copy the following link to your web browser, create an account and follow the instructions:
24 August 2011, Sex offender Map and notification pages updated.
4 August 2011, Mrs. Betty Worley came into the Sheriff Office with a shadow box of memorabilia from John Christopher ("Bud") Baker who served as a United States Marshal for the western district of Arkansas, the shadow box contained his duty holster, revolver, handcuffs, thumb cuffs, business card, and photos. click on the link here or on the history page to view the items.
30 July 2011, The Sheriff Office has just completed another advertisement highlighting the underage drinking program, the artwork was done by Jessica Beavers of Huntsville, the ad will run in the Madison County Record and is planned to go up on a billboard on Highway 412. Click on this link to view the advertisment.
14 July 2011, The Sheriff Office has moved out of the courthouse basement and is now located on the square at 104B War Eagle, Huntsville, AR
6 July 2011, Sheriff Office starts a new program for the disposal of prescription drugs.
1 June 2011, New page added information of Phishing Scams and Fraudulent Emails.
31 May 2011, The Sheriff Office Now has a Facebook Page
13 May 2011, Photos (Back in the Day) added to the History page and a new Link on the links page.
11 May 2011, Most Wanted Page Updated
10 May 2011, Additional election memorabilia added to the history page
7 May 2011, Inmate roster migrated to the new website and added links to the history page.
28 April 2011, The Madison County Sheriff Office received a Prescription drop box for expired, outdated, and unneeded prescription medication, allowing people to properly dispose of medication that is no longer needed.
20 April 2011, The Madison County Sheriff's Office launches a new web site.