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Facebook Scams

Numerous Facebook Scams scams reported.

Although previously talked about several Facebook scams are still being reported, locally and across the nation as the perpetrators strike promising a sum of cash or vehicle as a rearward but and there is always a but, you just need to pay this lawyers’ fees, or the import tax, or the and the list goes on. They get away with it because of the anonymity of the internet, and part because most people once they realize they have been scammed are embarrassed and won't report it.  Teenage Blackmailing continues as several jurisdictions across the nation have reported Facebook schemes whereby a Facebook user, purporting to be teenage boy/girl, is befriending teenagers and convincing them to perform sexual acts on themselves via video call or "Skype". The suspect records the video and then attempts to extort money from the victim, threatening to send the video to all the victim's Facebook Friends, unless money is wired via Western Union. Once the suspect has a relationship with a target, he/she attempts to make contact with the target's Friends as well. The scam is similar to some of the "Nigerian" scams, but attempts to use the sexual exploitation of the child as leverage. A good rule to follow when sending images of yourself over either a phone or the internet, if the image depicts something that you would not do in public it probably should not be sent to anyone else. If you are or believe you are a victim of a scam contact the Madison County Sheriff Office.